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CannaHealth ™ is a Health and Wellness Center providing Maryland residents certification for Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Program, when state required qualifying conditions are met, and education to create patient-centered treatment plans utilizing cannabis as an intervention for the safe and effective management of symptoms.

Founded in 2017 CannaHealth ™ is committed to improving the quality of our patients’ lives and restoring well-being. Our medical cannabis virtual clinic experience is setting a new standard of excellence, emphasizing health, wellness, and convenience.  Our staff is well trained and attentive, striving to serve patients with great respect and compassion.

The first and only Maryland medical cannabis certification business owned by an Latina.

CannaHealth ™ Clinic of Maryland and Washington D.C. is owned and operated by Sarah Sabastro, a well-known entrepreneur, Information Technology professional, business coach, business credit guru, and finance expert. Leveraging her medical industry and business experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Sarah launched CannaHealth ™ virtual clinics for Maryland residents in 2020, the first and only Maryland medical cannabis certification business owned by an Latina.

The first and only medical cannabis certification business owned by an Latina in both Maryland and DC.

As a minority, Sarah recognized urban trauma victims are disproportionately people of  color and their access to evaluations and certification for enrollment into Medical Marijuana Programs is limited.  Further, urban communities lack the education needed to understand PTSD and urban trauma (despite active symptoms) and are often misdiagnosed, which ultimately continues the cycle of abuse in these communities.

As a result, Sarah is committed to reducing barriers and creating greater access to medical cannabis for underserved minority communities of color by utilizing telehealth as an access point for patients.  Increased access to care creates the ability to better manage medical and trauma symptoms, directly in the communities where underserved patients live,  empowering patients to experience an improved quality of life.

Dedication to underserved communities

Sarah’s dedication to underserved communities, extends beyond patient outreach.  Not only do Hispanics have reduced access to medical marijuana treatment but there is also a long history of targeted arrests against minorities, laws preventing former inmates from operating legal dispensaries, and high application and industry operation costs, all of which make it difficult for people of color to enter into the cannabis industry.  

As a business advisor and entrepreneur herself, Sarah’s goal is to increase and strengthen Hispanic-owned business representation in the expanding (exploding!) medical cannabis industry as a means to keep and reinvest more dollars in minority communities and effect change on the policies targeting people of color.  Black and Brown Americans have been arrested and over sentenced in a targeted campaign against minorities for decades, and now that cannabis is being legalized across the country, minorities should have an equal opportunity to benefit from this lucrative new industry. 

Sarah bridges this racial divide in the cannabis industry by encouraging Hispanic and women-owned businesses to think creatively about ownership and participation in the cannabis industry.  From culinary arts, yoga instruction, beauty and wellness products, to security, accounting, event planning, law and public relations firms, opportunities are sprouting everywhere. With the belief, we make it happen in every other industry; Sarah knows there’s no reason why we can’t make it happen here.

Sarah Sabastro


About CannaHealth

CannaHealth ™ is headquartered in New Haven, CT.  Founder, Kebra Smith-Bolden, trained as a registered nurse, now spends much of her time managing media relations (check out her Forbes feature here) but her passion is still her individual patients.

CannaHealth ™ values our patients’ and staff safety and promotes a positive, customer service-oriented, and compliant work environment.  We are an attorney and nurse-owned, patient centered, certification group operating in over ten cities across the United States. Find a CannaHealth ™ location near you here: www.gocannahealth.com.

CannaHealth ™ is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We place priority in an environment of inclusion, diversity and social justice and are committed to securing a better, brighter way forward for our employees, our markets and our communities.

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